Bäume setzen

Patenbäume setzen Setzen des ersten Patenbaumes des Klimaprojektes „Urwald Österreich“. Gemeinsam mit Vereinspräsident wurden im November 2021 die ersten Patenbäume persönlich von Andreas Picher, dem Geschäftsführer der clever logistics GmbH gesetzt.  

London calling “AOG”!

“Initiate urgent AOG (Aircraft on Ground) transport – engine is located at London Stansted.” Damaged engine with the tools and accessories safely and quickly loaded onto the truck and off it goes. Everything was taken which we obtained for the transport from the customer. The driver transported the express delivery from London STN to Vienna […]


very urgent AOG BUD to ZRH Engines do not perceive high summer. In August this year, the “VERY URGENT Engin Transport – AOG” order travelled from Budapest (BUD) to Zurich (ZRH).The two engines were transported from Hungary to Switzerland using a truck designed for oversized loads.

ÖVZ article

AOG, RFS, OBC, SDL – or simply clever logistics! The current issue of the Österreichische Verkehrszeitung (Austrian Transport Magazine) features an article about clever logistics GmbH. “The benefits of our range of services lie in the simplified organisation, optimisation of the communication channels and the uniform preparation of the necessary documents.” This has made clever […]


Vienna, please come: the drive für an engine starts with a truck form VIE / Vienna Airport in the direction of Luxemburg Airport (LUX). In our case, “shifting up a gear” means: faster further with the cargo ship Cargoloux, destination Atlanta (ATL). Delivery will be on the evening of September 12th finalized. Pretty clever: as […]

clever logistics Medical Thermo – Express

ONLY A PROPERLY CHILLED VACCINE WILL BE A GOOD VACCINE The time-critical and temperature-sensitive transports of coronavirus vaccines require GDP-certified refrigerated/thermal vans  for express transports across Europe. We are already well prepared for this. Since thermally unstable pharmaceutical products must be transported in defined temperature ranges, the use of suitable thermal vehicles is essential. We […]

Besuch Urwald Österreich

Besuch Urwald Österreich Als begeisterter Mensch, der sich gerne in seiner Freizeit in der Natur bewegt, liegen dem Geschäftsführer und Gründer der clever logistics GmbH, Andreas Picher, der auch ein begeisterter Segler ist, die Wälder, Meere und Landschaften der Erde am Herzen. Klimafreundliches und nachhaltiges Wirtschaften sind Andreas Picher wichtig bei der Unterstützung von Umweltprojekten. […]

Planting the first sponsored tree

Planting the first sponsored tree Planting of the first sponsored tree of the “Urwald Österreich” (“Primeval Forest in Austria”) project. Together with the association’s president, the first sponsored trees were planted in person by Andreas Picher, the managing director of clever logistics GmbH, in November 2021.

walk the Urwaldsteig

Visit Urwald Österreich As somebody who is a fan of the outdoors as well as a sailing enthusiast, the forests, seas and landscapes of our planet are a matter that is close to the heart of the managing director and founder of clever logistics GmbH, Andreas Picher. Climate-friendly and sustainable management are important to Andreas […]

Medical Thermo-Express AMS/Amsterdam to VIE/Vienna

clever logistics Medical Thermo – Express NUR EIN GEKÜHLTER IMPFSTOFF IST EIN GUTER IMPFSTOFF Die zeitkritischen und temperaturempfindlichen Transporte der Covid-19 Impfstoffe erfordern GDP-zertifizierte Kühl/Thermo Busse für Expresstransporte innerhalb von Europa. Dafür sind wir bereits bestens gerüstet. Da thermolabile Pharmaprodukte in definierten Temperaturbereichen transportiert werden müssen, ist ein Einsatz von geeigneten Thermofahrzeugen unumgänglich. Wir garantieren […]