Visit Urwald Österreich

As somebody who is a fan of the outdoors as well as a sailing enthusiast, the forests, seas and landscapes of our planet are a matter that is close to the heart of the managing director and founder of clever logistics GmbH, Andreas Picher.

Climate-friendly and sustainable management are important to Andreas Picher when supporting environmental projects.

In order to get to know and support the project of the “Urwald Österreich” association, he took the unique opportunity to personally walk the Urwaldsteig (“Primeval Forest Trail”) through the special section of natural forest, in the footsteps of Gustav Davis, the man who founded the primeval forest. Sections of primeval forest are areas where man has not intervened in the natural course of growth and decay over a period of centuries.


With the sponsored tree programme, the “Urwald Österreich” association is trying to protect the section of primeval forest and to also extend it with the replanting of selected species of trees around this section. The goal of the association is the planting of around 16,000 new trees in order to preserve this piece of primeval forest for generations to come.