Temperature-controlled transports

We guarantee Europe-wide, professional handling of such transports – whether for small quantities or complete loadings, at temperatures between -25 °C and +25 °C. We have special GPS-monitored thermal vehicles, which are equipped for small to large transportation with the latest air conditioning technology for a variety of applications.

Our aim is to transport your products, from biological samples, vaccines, infusions and blood reserves to your medical devices (sterile equipment) etc, under the best conditions. Especially pharmaceutical products are particularly sensitive, there the standard temperatures from + 2°C to +8°C and from +15°C to +25°C are strictly observed. The whole range of pharmaceutical products and also the sensitive biotech medicines are no problem for us. We protect the effectiveness of your medications by complying with every imaginable transport and storage conditions.

Validated temperature control in our vehicles guarantees tamper-proof documentation at each transport. Therefore, temperature recording and monitoring, which is complete and according to the law, is ensured in the transport vehicles of clever logistics. We archive the temperature protocols and you get a copy of them as evidence together with your transport bill.

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