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Air freight

All means of transport and traffic as well as the entire transport infrastructure that take place in the airspace are referred to as air traffic.

Sea freight

All means of transport and traffic that take place at sea are referred to as maritime transport.

Overland transport

All means of transport and traffic used on land areas fall under land transport


// clever logistics

operates independently of any corporate group and has a worldwide network of partners who are part of the SME sector. Knowledge accumulated by experienced specialists and responsible employees with comprehensive expertise, and the most modern means of communication are the cornerstones of one of today’s most efficient forwarding companies.

// Emergency and express logistics

for exceptional situations that we can manage. For our customers, this means being ready to find solutions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – for production bottlenecks, components, medicine and wherever an emergency may occur.

// AOG - Aircraft on Ground

Our express service will help you to keep these downtimes as short as possible 24/7/365. We are always ready to organize and carry out your urgent transport tasks without delay.